Apart from the potions you might be brewing up to smother all over your body, feeding your skin the right combination of nutrients can do wonders for your natural beauty.


The gut-skin connection


The state of your gut reflects on the way the rest of your body feels and fnctions. For a healthy looking outside (i.e. skin and hair), you need to ensure a healthy gut and microbiota. This means taking daily steps to fine tune your inner beauty routine, loading up on extra nutrient boosts when necessary and carrying out damage control when it has just been too much.






Let’s start with the good guys: probiotics are bacteria that live in our body, the good kind, the kind we want. These can be take in supplement form but are also naturally found in fermented foods including yogurt, kimchi, sauerkrut, kombucha, tempeh and miso. Eat these as often as possible to get lots of good bacteria in there. In addiiton, you want to feed these guys once they are in your body, so they can stay and grow. Probiotics feed on prebiotics, which in turn are found in fibrous foods such as dark leafy greens, artichokes, oats and unriped bananas.






Now we pile on the pytonutrients, basically naturally found chemicals found in our plant-based food. Phyonutrients can be found in all vegetables and fruits, but you want to load up on the dark coloured once for extra strength. This means berries, aubergines, broccoli, tomatoes. Phyonutrients have various protective properties that make them great for immunity as well as for natural skin care.





Sure, it provides a delicious flavour, texture and scent. Plus it kepps you satiated. But did you know that eating fat is also necessary for the absorption and utilization of certain nutrients? Eating fat also gives you smooth glowy skin and shiny hair, so don’t be afraid of adding it to your plate. Some food sources include oils, butter, ghee, olives, oliy fish, nuts, full-fat dairy, marbeled meat, and nut butters. Yum!



This post was based on a talk given by Dr Sara at the BeCycle studio in Berlin.