I love all things nutrition.


Because of my interest in this wide ranging topic, I am usually working on a couple of exciting projects at a time. At the moment the main projects I am invoved in are:


Sugarlibre: a plant-based remote program to get you off food obsession. Together with Lorela Loriato, professional chef and creator of Sugarlibre, we work over a period of four weeks with people from around the world on changing their lifestyles and eating better. Interested? Head over to our Sugarlibre page for the details.



The Experimental Kitchen: a visual representation of the beauty of food. I have partnered up with Francesca Sciarmella, interior architect and the creative artist of this project, to put together a collection of food-themed visuals. Wait for it, coming December 2019.



World Public Health Nutrition Association: while technically this is not a project, we are preparing our International Conference for 2020. Stay tuned for details soon. The WPHNA website can be accessed here.



Hebammen Symposium 2019: It is my honor to have been invited to speak at this amazing midwifery event taking place in Berlin later this year. Want to join? Details here: Hebammen Symposium 2019