Dr. Sara D. Garduno Diaz


For the Love of food

My most recent position was as Head of Product at Natural Mojo where I developed a superfood-based product range and aided in the rebranding across various countries, leading the activities for product and operations.

Previously I was head of R&D at ONO Labs where I have set up and improved product lines targeting female health and gut health in form of capsules and probiotic powders.

In 2012 I co-founded and led Your Choice Nutrition as Senior Nutrition Consultant, where I  worked on the nutritional management of patients with a range of health conditions & special requirements.

Prior, I was Assistant Professor at the American University of the Middle East, where I lectured in nutrition, biology and research methods, while continuing my research on dietary patterns.

I have been part of two major EU-level research projects, EuroFIR and CHANCE, which focused on the dietary assessment and the nutritional status evaluation of at-risk populations in several European countries. For these projects I participated in the coordination of several centers which included documentation, ethical approvals, data compilation, drafting and presentation of reports as well as planning annual progress meetings for the entire consortium. 

I also worked as a research fellow at the School of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Leeds, from where I also obtained my Ph.D. on the topic of dietary patterns and ethnic-associated risk factors for the metabolic syndrome; working directly with planning, setting up and carrying out full population studies.

Natural Mojo

  • Head of Product

ONO Labs

  • Head of Product
2012 - 2017

Your Choice Nutrition

  • Cofounder
  • Senior Nutrition Consultant

American University of the Middle East

  • Assistant Professor for nutrition, biology & research methods

University of Leads

  • Nutrition Phd
  • research fellow for Food Science & Nutrition

Universidad Veracruza

  • Nutrition Bachelor
Personalized Food: From Home Cooking to the Food Industry
Geriatric Nutrition
Applied Human Nutrition for Food Scientists and Home Economists
Food Processing, Biochemistry and Agriculture
Sustainable Food Systems
Food Lipids: Chemistry, Nutrition and Biotechnology
Probiotics and Prebiotics in Food, Nutrition and Health
Functional Foods
Probiotics and Prebiotics in Food, Nutrition and Health
My Presentations at International Conferences
Titel der PräsentationVeranstaltungTagungsortDatum
Development of a plant-based dietary supplement to address life-cycle needs of the European female population.21st Euro-Global Summit on Food and Beverages.Berlin, GermanyMarch 2018
Development of a plant-based dietary supplement to address critical micronutrient needs of women of child-bearing age in Europe.20thInternational Conference on Food Science, Food Safety Policy and Management System.Prague, Czech RepublicMarch 2018
Nutrition for the elderlyMexican Association for Education and DevelopmentCuernavaca, MexicoJuly 2017
University life and food: feed your brainIntra University Awareness Tour for GUST, ACK, and BoxHill UniversitiesMishref, KuwaitOktober 2016
Sports NutritionThe Public Authority for Sports’ Sports Nutrition ConferenceKhaldiya, KuwaitSeptember 2016
Mapping the food culture of the Middle East through dietary patternsSecond Kuwait International Conference on Life SciencesShuwaikh, KuwaitApril 2016
Factors that determine an obesogenic environment in KuwaitSprecher beim Kuwait Institute for Scientific ResearchKuwait City, KuwaitSeptember 2015
Food Security in the Middle East and North AfricaICFSN 2015 : International Conference on Food Security and NutritionIstanbul, TürkeiJanuar 2015
Components of an Obesogenic Environment in Kuwait3rd World Congress of Public Health NutritionLas Palmas, SpanienNovember 2014
Ordering food online: the habits of Kuwait’s residents20thInternational Congress of NutritionGranada, SpanienSeptember 2013
Nutrient intake assessment of migrant populations using country of origin vs. host country recommendations: implications for public health policies4th Conference on Migrant and Ethnic Minority Health in EuropeMailand, ItalienJuni 2012
Consumption of ethnic foods in Europe6th Central European Congress on FoodNovi Sad, SerbienMai 2012
The impact of micronutrients on cardiovascular disease risk4 ème édition de la Journée Scientifique de Nutrition de Sup’SantéCasablanca, MarokkoMai 2012
L’évolution des recommandations en nutritionSprecher, Ecole Supérieure Privée de Nutrition et du ParamédicalCasablanca, MarokkoOktober 2011
Dietary implications for healthMathematics and Physical Sciences Post-Graduate Researcher of the Year ConferenceLeeds, GroßbritannienOktober 2011
South Asian dietary patterns identified using ethnic food composition data9thInternational Food Data ConferenceNorwich, GroßbritannienSeptember 2011
Length of residency and non-communicable diseases in the UK’s South Asian community: obesity, diabetes and heart disease2ndInternational Congress of Abdominal ObesityBuenos Aires, ArgentinienFebruar 2011
The impact of diet on health1st Leeds Post Graduate Research ConferenceLeeds, GroßbritannienNovember 2010
Diet quality and physical activity index: comparison between ethnic groups in the UKMeeting for the India Partnering Award BBSRCMysore, IndienOktober 2010
Nutrition transition in the UK: the case of South AsiansII World Congress of Public Health Nutrition and I Latin American Congress of Community Nutrition.Oporto, PortugalSeptember 2010
Fruit and vegetable consumption among British Indians in the UKEGEA VI ConferenceBrüssel, BelgienJune 2010
My Publications
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