Who calls them “regular” anyway? Menstruation periods that vary in frequrncy, duartion and intensity (yeah, ouch), are much more common than you might imagine. And while you might want to start popping painkillers, here are some alternative strategies you might want to try first to help manage your cycles and get them to , ehem, be more regular:



Consider your plate



Irregular periods may be the result of less tahn optimal eating practices. To begin with, not eating enough usually translates into your body shutting down non-essential functions (read: bye bye period). If your body is not getting sufficient energy, vitamins and minerals, it will focus on keeping to what is vital (staying alive) and stop any secondary functions. So ladies, no restrictive eating please.

While all foods will give you some beneficial nutrients, here are some period-related stars:


Leafy greens (spinach, kale, bok choy) – These type of veggies are loaded with magnesium, a key mineral in hormone production and hence mensruation control.



Favorable fats (avocados, oily fish, nuts )– First of all repeat after me, “Fats are freinds”.  Most people don’t get enough fats as part of their regular eating habits. These however are important for the absorption and utilization of other nutrients, for hormone production, for body temperature control and for getting us glowing skin and shiny hair. Plus, these foods also come packed with other nutrients such as B and D vitamins, both involved in cycle regulation.



Pulses (lentils and beans) – Apart from beign a great source of plant-based protein, pulses are rich in iron. Through menstruation we experience regular loss of iron, so we want to make sure to get some good soures of this nutrient.






You might also want to consider your killer workouts. If these are too intense they will reflect on missed or irregular periods. Sleep also helps. If you are cutting out on zzz time your body may be compromising valuable hormone production time. Try sticking to a regular sleeping routine.


So next time it’s That Time again, pamper yourself and practice some self-care.



The original version of this post was published on Hip and Healthy